As a US citizen, foreign resident, or US individuals on foreign assignment, you are required to submit an income, estate, or gift tax return and pay the estimated taxes whether you are living in the US or abroad. If the tax return or the Reports of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBARs) were not submitted on time, we can assist your eligibility for the “Stremlined Foreign Offshore Procedure”. We offer assistance during this procedure.

In addition, to submitting a US tax return US citizens and residents abroad have to transfer further information depending on their individual situation.

We offer individual advice.
Our services include, but are not limited to:

Foreign Assets Reporting including Shares and Investments Funds

  • U.S and Foreign Real Estate Rental Reporting
  • Information on the Tax of Foreign Pension Funds
  • Stremlined Foreign Offshore Procedure
  • State Income Tax Preparation
  • Estate and Gift Planning
  • Tax Planning and Consulting
  • Submitting Expatriation Statements
Please contact us for an individual consultation. Our team can advise you in English, German, French and Spanish.