Tax advice

We offer encompassing tax advice for private individuals as well as companies.


We will optimise your taxable income and assets, e.g. deductions for the professional production costs, income from securities, 3a-savings and subsequent payments into the pension fund. We offer advice on the optimisation of your taxes with regard to the pension fund, 3a-savings and your individual savings plan. We especially advise such optimisation measures for people over the age of 50. 

The rental value of flats and houses is taxable income: if you are planning to buy real estate the taxation on the property must be included in your decision.
The costs of renovation of properties are fiscal expenditures which are legally deductible from your income. This enables optimisation potential.
We also offer advice on property taxation (e.g. the deductible costs of expenditures on properties, maintenance and repair costs) as well as property sales.



international tax matters

We can advise you on international tax matters: double taxation agreements regarding income and assets in two or more countries. At the upcoming renewals of the double taxation agreements between Switzerland and third party countries the administrative assistance action with automatic information exchange  is already or will soon be the norm for information disclosure between countries. As of 1.1.2018 the administrative assistance action will be extended with the Automatic Information Exchange (AIA), which will be valid for additional countries. 


For income from securities and partnerships the administration costs are tax deductible.
Taxes deducted on securities income from the USA, European countries and some other countries can be reclaimed.
Most Swiss cantons and the Swiss federation allow tax reductions for income from substantial ownership in capital companies.
Since the Corporate Tax Reform II there partly exists a zero taxation on dividends from some bigger companies. .

Withholding Tax: The Swiss withholding tax (interest rebate) on interest and dividends received can be claimed back by all taxpayers in Switzerland.


We advise you on the taxation of compensations, which allow tax rebates especially after the age of 55. Age-related tax abatements are indeed possible namely, when the occupation is quit.


We optimise your mid-term tax burden regarding the taxation of corporate income and social insurance charges for individual companies and partnerships, such as collective and limited partnerships, unregistered companies, as well as the taxation of profit from public limited and limited companies. For further information regarding company taxation please consult - our subsidiary specialised on company trust.