Robert Meili lic. oec. publ., Managing Director

Robert Meili has been working as an independent tax advisor to individuals and companies since 2002. He will assist and advise you on all tax matters, especially on Expat taxation, double taxation agreements, the automatic information exchange and the disclosure of undeclared income or assets.
Robert Meili graduated from the University of Zürich with a Masters degree in Economy (M.A. UZH). Amost his many duties he has worked at the University of Zürich in the taxation and public finances departments for six years.
He speaks German, English and French.

Sigita Mikelsone

Sigita Mikelsone works in the tax department as well as the accountancy department of meili consulting gmbh. She studied Finance at the University of Riga. She previously worked as manager in restaurants. She speaks German, English, Latvian and Russian.

Olesea Pogolsa Rial

Olesea Pogolsa Rial works in taxation. She studied law at the Moldovan National University (MLaw) and completed her training as a tax specialist at KV Zurich. She speaks German, Spanish, Russian and Romanian.