When a marriage ends due to

-       divorce


-       death

a division of marital property is undertaken, in which the goods and asstes are divided. A spouse's own property, such as assets contributed to the marriage, inheritances, gifts and personal items is solely theirs and in case of death becomes part of the matrimonial assets. The acquired property, which is the assets accumulated during the marriage, is divided into two. Debts incurred by one of the spouses are not subject to distribution; the spouse in question must solely take responsibility for these debts.

In case of death, the distribution according to the inheritance law is implemented after the distribution according to matrimonial law.  


With the separate property arrangement, there are already two individual sets of assets.
In the case of community of marital property, the total assets are divided by two, with the addition of property belonging to the individual spouses (is severely restricted).

We give advice on the division of matrimonial property and can undertake this for you.